The Staff of Volunteer Detroit

Myka Burley, Fundraising Coordinator

Myka Burley, a native and current Detroiter, has been part of Volunteer Detroit since its inception. As a single parent to the coolest little guy ever, Myka has developed a sense of compassion for those who need a helping hand because she knows firsthand how it feels to be one of those people. Her commitment to the community at large has prompted Myka to take a major role in service throughout the Metro Detroit community since 2011. When Myka isn’t working to help others, she is a full time Behavioral Science student at University of Michigan-Dearborn by night, and a Paralegal by day.

Amarrah Smith, Public Relations & Communications Coordinator

Compassionate about the city that molded her, Amarrah has been of service to her community since 2003. As a native of the east side of Detroit, Amarrah is dedicated to uplifting and giving back to those in need. As a freelance Communication and Content Specialist, Amarrah believes in using her words and voice, to inform others of positive changes that could be made in the community. Committed to being an advocate for those whose voices are not always heard, she strives to engage other millennials in being a moving force in elevating not only those in need, but each other. Serving as the Director of Public Relations and Communication for Volunteer Detroit, Amarrah works tirelessly to spread word of the love and dedication that the organization has for the city.

Khadijah Johnson, Community Liaison

Khadijah Johnson is a native of Detroit, MI. Johnson received two Bachelor of Science degrees from Grand Valley in December of 2013, in Health Communications and Public Non Profit Administration with an emphasis in community health. Today, she works in the Training and Development field as an Instructional Designer. In 2014, Johnson began volunteering with Hashtag Lunchbag-Detroit as a regular volunteer.  In 2017, she joined the Volunteer Detroit team, where she will serve as the Community Affair Director. Her responsibilities include volunteer recruitment and engagement, and she serves as the ambassador for Volunteer Detroit. She hopes to "continue to develop true leaders’ service and community development." 

Blair Ellison, Creative Director

Blair Ellison is a Detroit native with a love for the city and a passion for service. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media and Communication Technology with a concentration on Media Management and Research from Michigan State University. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Liberal Arts in Computer and Information Systems with a contraction on Software Management. He is looking forward to serving as a Creative Director for Volunteer Detroit.

Kory Woods, Creative Director

Kory Woods is the owner/lead photographer & videographer of the Detroit based multimedia firm UPDATED (Update Media Group LLC.) Kory comes to Volunteer Detroit with nearly a decade of experience in his profession along with several years of event planning experience through various organizations he's affiliated with. If you ask him why did he want to be a part of Volunteer Detroit, he'll simply reply "in order to be the change that you want to see, you can't be on the sidelines. You have to be in the trenches sometimes literally getting your hands dirty. I want to be apart the volunteer efforts that will shape the new generation and transition of Detroit."